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Think Slim

Do you agree that Slim people appear to be more confident and have a happier disposition than obese people?
Do you think that Slim people have a constant longing for junk food?
Do you see Slim people as being proud of their body shape and physical condition?
Do you believe Slim people have more energy than obese people?
Being Slim brings with it so many benefits that it is a shame that so many people who are carrying an excess of fat, will not heed advice which is so simple and easy to follow or is it because they have not been explained and advised about the body’s needs?
Don’t make a commitment “to give it a try for 3 months” or so. You must recognize and appreciate that the best way to make these changes is methodically one step at a time. Once you start, then “time” will be on your side. If you do not make a start, then “time” will pass you by and leave you to wallow in all the horrific possibilities that may follow.
There are so many small adjustments that can be made – and the idea is to adopt only one or two at a time until they become habit forming. Then move on to the next one or two adjustments, and so on. You will feel the benefits SOONER THAN YOU THINK. The more serious your effort, the better & quicker will be the results.
Don’t look for and expect a “quick fix”. Be secure in the knowledge that every positive change is making a difference, even if it is not immediately noticed.
Within the mass of information contained herein, you will be guided as to which changes would be most appropriate for you both as a start and into the bright future that awaits you.
Consider all the movements and various activities that you are UNABLE to do today – in comfort and pain free. Add to this the long list of prospective diseases and physical conditions that may hit you in the not too distant future.
Once these points have been listed in black and white – surely the attraction of a better lifestyle must appear stark and obvious and the only route to take?
Have you ever thought of adopting the thought strategies of Slim people?
Have you ever noticed how some people can effortlessly and naturally have a tiny piece of cake, or one chocolate and savour whatever they are eating, to the fullest?

Have you ever wondered why Slim people seem to eat & enjoy even the wrong foods? Or that they never have to go on a diet to lose fat?
The main secret lies in the fact that they masticate their food well, which necessitates that they take smaller mouthfuls and they also eat in a more relaxed way.

How do they do that? Is it a special willpower? Is it knowledge of how to get the maximum enjoyment and benefit from the minimum?
There are no hidden secrets. It is all based on sound human physiology facts. You may feel that you could never learn to do this, but you can - and in a way that feels entirely natural and instinctive

Are you too eager to get in and consume the maximum that you can?
You may feel so eager to consume the maximum amount of food so as to get the greatest “full” sensation as quickly as possible. At the outset we are not interested in whether the food is nutritious and healthy or the known unhealthy stuff that you normally find irresistible. You may feel guilty and bloated later but at the time, the food was all that was important to you. The only discipline that we advise at the outset is – limit the size of each mouthful to the maximum that you can masticate extremely well WITHOUT swallowing part of the mouthful before it was chewed well. Concentrate on being able to spread the food out over a large area in the mouth, whilst allowing the saliva and enzymes the chance to mix in with the food so that it can change its form and then be swallowed no longer as food, but as bolus containing nutrients from the food.

How do naturally Slim people think?
Naturally slim people don't think about how much they can consume, but rather what they will enjoy most. They are more likely to examine the spread, and select what they see as being the most fresh and nutritious – preferably as fat-free as possible. Whist selecting much less than you, they will still finish eating long after the not-so-slim fast eaters. Thinking Slim means you enjoy your food more because you make the decisions - not the addictive drive to eat the maximum and taste the minimum. Thinking Slim will make you feel better about yourself, help fat loss and improve your physical and emotional health

Will I ever be able to do it right without forcing myself in to the discipline?
Eventually, it all becomes so automatic. You will not even have to Think Slim – the temptation will not even exist to over-eat. Thinking Slim will make you feel better about yourself, help weight loss and improve your physical and emotional health.

Did you know that research shows that people who are carrying too much fat are more likely to have a poorer posture and suffer from hip, knee and ankle pains?
This should stand to reason. Carrying all that excess and unnecessary weight will definitely affect those joints, as well as the alignment of the spine

How do I start thinking right?
As a start, you must know WHY your body requires specific actions and behavior from you. If you do not understand why your body must receive specific actions on your part, how can you be expected to appreciate its importance? These essentials are - Control the chewing process. Smaller more manageable mouthfuls that can be spread out over as much surface in the mouth as possible. - Whilst this is going on the saliva and enzymes will be helping to change the status of the “food” in to “nutrients” that the rest of the digestive system will be waiting for. - You are fully in charge of this first & most important part of the Digestive System. Once the swallowing process starts, you have no further control. - You will also be making it a lot easier for the balance of the organs involved in the digestive system to carry out their functions as they were designed to do. Reference Links: - The Digestive System - Water – The Vital Nutrient - The Human Tongue - Stretching & Flexibility

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