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The Needs & Functions
of Your Body

what your body needs you to do
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About globalhealth-education 

Global Fitness Services Limited has been in the business of Research, related in the main to the ever-increasing so-called “Health Care Crisis”. World-wide. I am the CEO & Managing Director of the company, a Doctor of Osteopathy (1975) and an International Fitness & Health Instructor, Consultant and Lecturer. Our website is packed with information about the Human Body, whilst concentrating on its Needs and the reasons why providing for them is so important, so as to allow your greatest asset to function in the manner in which it was designed. It is a fact that if even one of its many systems are not functioning correctly, all the other systems could well be negatively affected.  Also included are numerous Stretching and Exercise routines with photos supported by easy-to-understand explanations. Our ultimate aim is to have an Educational subject incorporated into all school curriculums aimed at the ages from preschool to final grade twelve.


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