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Eat Slowly, Chew Well & Prevent Weight Gain

Many people nowadays are in the habit of gulping down their food really fast. They don't take the time to chew their food. This bad habit is made all the easier with “fast-foods”. It is really bad for your overall health. For healthy weight loss, as well as the key to keeping it off, chew your food well.
Why Eat Slowly? What are the Dangers if I Don’t?
When you don't chew your food properly, you are opening yourself up to all sorts of health (sickness) problems, many of which could be life threatening.

-Lots of gas bubbles get trapped in the food, resulting in the production of gas or belching;
-You will not be able to avoid overeating and weight (fat) gain;
-You will receive minimum enjoyment out of the food. In fact you may not even register what you have eaten;
-You will feel hungry again much sooner than expected because the chances are you would have consumed unhealthy non-nutritious foods and drink which have in turn failed to satisfy the needs of the digestive system and the brain;

-The digestive system can only function efficiently if it receives what was good nutritious foods which have been well chewed and mixed in with the saliva and enzymes;
-You cannot get medium to long term satisfaction by consuming bad foods. Nothing in your body can benefit. Good nutritious foods well chewed will make you feel volume
satisfied much faster which automatically avoids overeating. And of course it helps in better digestion.

These habits will help you avoid unwanted weight gain. If you take the minimum effort required to avoid over-eating and to chew whatever you eat well, should that in itself not be enough motivation to assist in preventing the dreaded weight (fat) gain? These two minimal non-invasive essentials are all it takes. Try it t out for just one month and see as well as feel the difference.

When you chew well, the food is broken down in the mouth itself whilst being able to mix with the saliva and enzymes so necessary for a healthy and efficient digestive system. This is the first step of digestion over which you – and only you – have complete control.

If you have the bad habit of eating a lot and want to control it, then the only correct strategy – and the most simple - would be to start eating slowly. By doing so, you can control the urge to overeat simply because what you have eaten will have tasted better and you will feel nourished and satisfied.

How does eating slowly prevent you from over-eating?

There are a few reasons for this. First of all, it takes time to eat slowly by chewing your food thoroughly. Most people would run out of patience after eating for 15-20 minutes. But by eating less and chewing better you will finish in time without having eaten under pressure. Second reason is that our body is designed in such a manner that the stomach sends message to our brain only 20 minutes after you are full. That means that your stomach might have had its fill well before your brain has been able to register the fact.

How much to chew?

Please try to realize, understand and appreciate the importance of chewing properly. After all, even your Teeth have been designed and placed in specific positions to maximize the chewing process.

Now for our thoughts on the common advice – “Chew for at least “X” number of times”. This number varies from 25 and upwards. We have never heard of this practice being successful. Why?

This is very difficult to do. In any case, every different type of food would need a different calculation. It just does not work. It limits your ability to relax or to converse - besides the fact that your jaw muscles get fatigued very quickly.

It is a good habit to include a variety of raw vegetables at all your meals. The nutritional value is great and it requires to be chewed correctly. It is mainly bad foods that can be swallowed without being chewed correctly.

Eat Slowly to Enjoy Numerous Benefits:

Besides being good for healthy weight loss, chewing food slowly can also provide numerous other health benefits. So if you want to lose weight, stay healthy, avoid overeating, enjoy your food more, and also give good exercise to your jaws and facial muscles, then chew you food slowly. This can be your first step for weight loss and fitness.

Take out some time from your busy schedules for eating meals in an unhurried manner. Do not watch T.V. while eating meals, and eat in a relaxed unhurried manner in the company of family or friends. You can really enjoy the food as well as maintain good health by developing this good habit.

Some Final Words of Encouragement – and Facts...

If you had been in the bad habit of eating fast and invariably even suffered from unwanted weight (fat) gain, now is the time to remedy that habit. By taking small baby steps you can overcome this problem forever.

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